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by felix park (@uhfelix)

Made for Ludum Dare 33, "You are the Monster".

a dinner party you've invited various folks to! the power periodically goes out! ...was this all part of the plan?


mouse button to interact

R to restart

Alt+Tab to switch windows

ESC to quit


drifter (fps controller) by ben esposito (@torahhorse) and others' code (http://torahhorse.com/first-person-drifter-control...)

pixel byzantine (font) by christina antoinette Neofotistou (@castpixel) http://www.pentacom.jp/pentacom/bitfontmaker2/gall...

simple json by Bunny83 + oPless (http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/SimpleJSON)

singleton code by david laskey (@david_laskey) http://unitypatterns.com/singletons/